Gorenje One

A white, minimalistic design

A white, minimalistic design runs throughout Gorenje One. Stylized brushed aluminum lines and durable white glass make it just as comfortable in an interiors magazine as in your household. The appliances are fashionable, in line with present trends and an affordable partner to your other design choices.


Sustainability is just as important to us as it is to you. Gorenje One appliances are mindful of their effects on the environment. Energy efficient, they use less water and follow the stringent European Guidelines on power savings. We save on our energy so you can have more by knowing every little bit helps.

Cutting-edge technology

Cutting-edge technology, combined with a sharp, minimalistic aesthetic, is the perfect solution for a person constantly on the go. Your life doesn't stop after turning old enough to own a home. Gorenje One follows your beat and not the other way around.
Tell me what kind of hob you use and I’ll tell you who you are. Are you an induction, a hi light or a gas kind of person? Even though our psychological test probably wouldn’t pass as a scientific method, cooking on our hobs certainly would. With premium quality materials and clever components to ease your time behind the stove, they will bring about unforgettable gourmet pleasures.

Cast-iron grid

Cast iron grid will improve stability and enhance the appearance of the gas hob and will make any home cook’s workplace resemble a professional kitchen. The material guarantees extreme durability and is easy to clean.

Wok gas burner

A special gas burner with a three-ring flame heats the wok at an accelerated rate, which allows you to prepare your dishes within minutes. Vegetables will be crispy and cooked just right, and will retain more vitamins, minerals and other nutrients compared to food cooked in a conventional way.

Enhanced burners

Extremely powerful gas burners heat the pots on accelerated rate, which allows you to prepare your dishes within minutes. Vegetables will be crispy and cooked just right, and will retain more vitamins, minerals and other nutrients compared to food cooked in a conventional way.

Automatic thermal protection

For the greater safety of your kitchen. If the flame goes out during burner operation, the gas intake valve automatically cuts of the gas supply.

Easy control

The thoughtful positioning and size of the control symbols on glass ceramic hobs ensure excellent visibility and thus enable an even simpler operation of the hob and complete control over cooking – for rightand left-handed users alike.

BoilControl: preventing the food from boiling over

BoilControl system will automatically adjust the output power of a cooking zone. After initially operating at maximum power, the cooking zone will maintain the temperature at the desired level to prevent the food from boiling over or overcooking. This convenient function may be activated or deactivated at any time.

ChildLock for safety

The ChildLock function prevents children from interfering with or resetting the selected parameters, thus also providing protection against accidental activation and operation of the hob.

Energy efficient induction

An induction hob acts twice as fast as a gas counterpart and is more economical and safer at the same time. Induction is very responsive, eliminating the danger of over-boiling and the subsequent wiping of the hob and your dishes. With a simple touch, you can adjust the temperature while making sauces, melting chocolate or attempting other temperaturedependent culinary feats.

Residual heat indicator

Ensuring even greater safety, residual energy indicators illuminate to reveal which zones of the hob are still radiating heat. As long as an indicator is lit, the respective heating zone should not be touched. It can, however, be used for defrosting or maintaining a dish warm.
Whether it concerns a turkey or a scrumptious chocolate cake, we like to stay on top of things. Owing to their innovative solutions, Gorenje ovens rank in the very top of the European offer. Special user-adjusted features and ergonomic design additionally simplify the baking process. Let the guests come pouring in: you’re ready to tackle any dinner party.

Electronically-programmed timer, operated by your touch

Gorenje ovens are renowned for their innovative electronic timers, equipped with sensors. Touch screen navigation allows you to choose between the preset programs or the perfect length and temperature for every bake you make, which you can then monitor on the screen. Once it’s done, a special sound will ensue. The innovative electronic timer’s surface is completely smooth and easy to clean. The new electronicallyprogrammed timers are there for your simplicity of use!

HomeMADE oven

A unique innovation modelled on traditional wood-fired bread ovens. Precise positioning of the heating elements takes care of perfect baking. Smooth, rounded edges on the rear panel and vaulted interior ensure a more efficient circulation as well as an even distribution of hot air inside the oven. Resulting dishes are evenly baked, succulent, yet crispy; soft bread with a perfect crust; many of your favourite foods cooked just right.

Energy efficiency A-20%

The new generation of cooking appliances can save as much as 25 % energy compared to older models. Gorenje cooking appliances are also made from materials which are 90 % recyclable.
Not only does it shed additional light on your cooking, it will also give the guests something to talk about while you fry that veg. A design ingenuity just as much as a practical solution of dispersing heat, our hood provides the final touch to a modern kitchen environment. Honey, we’re home!

Superior design

It’s the hat to your whole outfit. A hood has to reflect the kitchen identity, which is precisely why Gorenje One allows it to be reflected in its metallic sheen. Sharp, aluminium lines embody the brand identity and are a perfect counterpart to the otherwise glassy whiteness of the appliances.

Touch-sensitive controls

Navigating your hood settings couldn’t be simpler. Touch-sensitive controls let you stay on top of the extractor and the light needed to do the work.

Easy-to-clean filters

Metal filters in Gorenje hoods, designed to remove fat particles, can easily be removed and cleaned. You can wash them by hand or in a dishwasher using a “gentle wash” programme. However, acrylic or paper filters used for the same purpose can be simply replaced with new ones. As far as the surface goes – all that needs is a good wipe when you’re done.

Fresher than fresh

It’s not just the interior of your living room that matters. The new VitroLook aesthetic improves the insight into the fridge freezer’s contents, making items more accessible. Simply intelligible icons discretely suggest the most appropriate storage area for each type of food. You can also add innovative solutions for prolonging freshness to its list of accomplishments.

A++ energy efficiency

Larger volume does not necessarily translate into higher power consumption. In addition to excellent thermal insulation, appliances boast improved door sealing, cutting-edge cooling system components and electronic regulation that minimises the use of power.

FastFreeze rapid food freezing

The FastFreeze function freezes food expediently at an extremely low temperature, below -24 °C. Maintaining the quality of frozen food depends largely on how fast the freezing process is. When the freezing process is faster, the crystals that are formed are smaller and do not damage the cells in the food, thus allowing it to retain the vitamins, minerals and nutrients longer.

DoubleSpace shelf

A practical shelf enables systematic storage of items that are taken out of the fridge with the highest frequency. Upright cartons and two-litre bottles can be stored in the deep holder at the back while smaller items and jars can be placed in the shallow holder in the front.

NoFrost DualAdvance

No more laborious defrosting before running off to work in the morning. Modern NoFrost DualAdvance technology evacuates the humidity from the freezer to prevent accumulation of frost on the food and interior walls.

FreshZone compartment for perishable food

The next generation of fridges features a FreshZone compartment designed to preserve and lock in the freshness of highly perishable foods.

Let it shine

Convenient, user-minded programmes allow you to wash up to 12 place settings at a time. The optimum use of water and high energy efficiency are the features that additionally distinguish our dishwashers. Welcome to a bright, shiny future.

A+A efficiency

GorenjeOne high-quality dishwashers are ranked in the highest energy class to date. They deliver extraordinary energy efficiency and considerable savings. In addition, they impress with an A-rated washing and drying effect and fully comply with the stringent European Guidelines on power savings.

Water economics

Dishwashers Gorenje stand out with a very low water consumption. By using up to 41 % less water, they actively contribute to a responsible use of natural resources. The best model will use as little as 12 litres of water*.

*applies to the Eco programme

Heart of steel

Interior is made of stainless steel, making it durable and simple to clean.
Someone else will be doing all the thinking for a change. An innovative UltraWHITE programme, adjusted to the type of laundry, harnesses the knowledge of Gorenje’s experts. Combined with the appropriate washing method, SensoCARE predicts your needs. Perfect care is delivered in the shortest possible time and with minimum energy consumed.

UltraWHITE programme

UltraWHITE preserves the whiteness of delicate fabrics such as synthetics, silk, nylon and lace, which, due to their specific characteristics, cannot be washed at high temperatures. Your laundry will receive excellent care at a temperature of no more than 30 °C. Regular white laundry tends to take on a greyish or yellowish appearance after time and lose its white sheen, but UltraWHITE makes sure your white laundry stays pearly white. If only taking care of your smile could be as easy.

SensoCARE washing modes

Gorenje washing machines allow you to go for the washing method best suited to your particular needs. If you tend to use conventional washing programmes (cotton, synthetics, mix, delicate, woollens), you get to choose from four different modes.
NormalCARE: preset washing mode for normal daily use with optimum combination of power and time.
EcoCARE: laundry care with low water and power consumption regardless of the programme duration.
TimeCARE: increased intensity for an effective wash in the shortest possible time.
AllergyCARE: washing particularly friendly to anyone with delicate skin; extra water for perfectly rinsed laundry.

SterilTub – A clean machine for clean laundry

Optimum use of power, water and time. Gorenje washing machines feature numerous sensors that continuously monitor the washing progress. Based on the gathered information, the intelligent SensorIQ technology automatically adjusts the washing process to the selected programme, type and weight of the laundry.
Gorenje One dryers boast cutting-edge drying and crease prevention techniques. SensorIQ intelligent sensor technology optimizes the drying procedure, preserving the laundry while keeping power consumption very low. Programmes tailored to modern lifestyle make sure the operation is safe and your laundry excellently preserved.

SensoCARE technology

Customized drying Gorenje dryers allow you to select the drying method that is most convenient for you. NormalCARE includes optimized drying programmes for all types of laundry. For even friendlier laundry care, you may select GentleCARE that allows drying at lower temperature in order to leave your wardrobe intact.


SensorIQ intelligent technology automatically adjusts the drying process according to the selected programme, type of laundry and desired level of dryness. The moisture/humidity sensor continuously adjusts the drying time to the moisture level in the laundry. When the sensor perceives that the selected level of dryness has been reached, it automatically shuts down the dryer. The clothes are just right for ironing, dry, cupboard dry or very dry.

Simple control

Ergonomically designed control panel allows simple control of the drying process. The steps follow from right to left. Most commonly used drying programmes are placed on the left side of the control dial. Next to the dial, there is a section with additional settings such as a delayed start of the drying cycle or drying at low temperatures, supported by LED indicators and an LCD display. The control panel ends with the start and pause button on the left hand side of the dryer.