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Freestanding all gas cooker
Mechanical minute minder Dimensions of the product (W×H×D): 90 × 87 × 60 cm


The wok burners reach a high heat very quickly, making Asian style cuisine easy and available to anyone.

Superior EcoClean enamel coated ovens and baking trays

The oven interior features a superior EcoClean enamel coating, which is so smooth and impermeable that heat is reflected into the centre of the cavity rather than absorbed into the panels and trays. This innovative solution produces an even distribution of heat inside the oven, which delivers significant energy savings and outstanding cooking results. The non-stick EcoClean enamel coating prevents fat from adhering to the panels of the oven or the tray, which in turn makes cleaning a piece of cake.

Low temperature of the oven door

Gorenje ovens are fitted with safe and energy efficient CoolDoors (CD). More sophisticated models feature triple-glazed, heat reflective UltraCoolDoors (UCD). Superior door insulation in conjunction with special reflective glass layers improves oven performance together with significantly lower energy consumption. A low exterior door temperature keeps you safe from burns when touching the oven door.

Safety switch-off function

In order to ensure maximum safety, the uninterrupted operation of each hob is time limited. When the time limit of continual operation is reached, the hob switches off automatically.

Technical details

Colour: Stainless steel

Door material: Glass and aluminium

Cover material: Glass

SuperSize baking area

Mechanical minute minder

Single-handed ignition device

Gas hob

Triple burner

1 auxiliary burner + 2 semi rapid burner + 1 rapid burner + 1 triple burner Left front: Ø 9 cm, 3 kW, Right front: Ø 5 cm, 1 kW, Left behind: Ø 7 cm, 1.75 kW, Right behind: Ø 7 cm, 1.75 kW, Center: Ø 13 cm, 3.3 kW

Type of pan support: Cast iron grid

Gas oven

Gas thermostatGas infrared burner
Gas thermostat
Gas infrared burner


Shallow enamelled pan

Wire shelf

Wire oven guides

Motorized turn spit

Safety function

Double glazed oven door with one heat deflector (CompactDoor)

Eco enamel (oven and baking tray)

Gas type: G30/30

Enclosed nozzles: Gas nozzles G20/20 natural gas

Dimensions of the product (W×H×D): 90 × 87 × 60 cm

Dimensions of packed product (W×H×D): 94.5 × 85 × 68 cm

Net weight: 68 kg

Nominal current of fuse: 16 A

Code: 409260

EAN code: 3838942903120