Wednesday, 4th November 2009

Safety notice concerning certain models of fridge-freezers

In order to ensure users of Gorenje appliances the highest degree of safety, the company Gorenje invites the owners of fridge-freezer models RKI4298W (puchased in year 2007/08 in Bahrain), RK-ORA-E (puchased in year 2007/08 in Iran) and RKI-ORA-OR (puchased in year 2007/08 in UAE) to check the serial number and article number.

Under certain circumstances a potential fault may occur on one of components of the affected models that may cause a hazardous appliance failure.

Models with the potential problem have serial number 700xxxxx to 752xxxxx and article numbers 192331, 172262 or 172260.

The model, the serial number and article number of the fridge-freezer are printed on the rating plate which is located inside the fridge (on the left side) in front of the vegetable drawer. The data are also indicated in the warranty certificate that is supplied with the appliance.

If you have an affected fridge-freezer, please call the below mentioned numbers of Gorenje local agents in order to arrange a visit from a service technician for a free-of-charge appliance check-up.

Country Gorenje Agent Telephone Working hours
Bahrai AJM Kooheji & Sons 009731-7141919 9am-3pm, 4pm-8pm
UAE Jumbo Electronics 009714-2851485 9am-5pm
Iran Farbar & Co. 009821-88036364 9am-5pm

The above offices remain closed on Friday. Alternatively email can be sent to or contacted over phone on 009714-8860958.

Although the said hazardous appliance failure is minimal, Gorenje is taking a precautionary measure by announcing this safety notice informing the owners of affected fridge-freezer models of the potential risk in order to ensure them the highest degree of safety.

This safety notice does not affect any other Gorenje fridge-freezers that do not match the listed model, serial and article numbers.  

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause and thank you for your understanding.