Wednesday, 6th December 2017

Look after your laundry with SensoCare technology

Look after your laundry with SensoCare technology
Our clothes say a lot about us, they help us express personality and feeling, and allow us to go about our daily lives in comfort, warmth and style. However, for many, looking after laundry can be a difficult and time-consuming chore which often yields dissatisfactory results, leaving clothes creased, discoloured and damaged. Fortunately, thanks to advancements in manufacturing, we offer appliances that not only make laundry easy, but take the utmost care of your garments at the same time. 

Introducing a new way to look after your laundry, SensoCare technology:


Our washing machines have been made with our customers’ lifestyles in mind, people are too busy to waste time working out convoluted settings. Our simplified washing programs cut the jargon with easy-to-apply, eco-friendly settings for the ideal combination of temperature, water, timing and spin speed for your chosen load.

SensoCare washing machines tend to laundry with a smooth, stainless steel SpaDrum ensuring there is no damage throughout the washing, rinsing and spinning processes. The perforated drum features small holes with a maximum diameter of 3 millimetres which make for efficient water flow, minimising power consumption. 

The shape of the SpaDrum is also designed to take great care with laundry. The 3D ribs gently move the load towards the rear end of the drum, effectively distributing the laundry and massaging the fabrics whilst extra water is sprayed through the openings in the ribs to achieve a thorough soaking. Last but not least, the patented glass door is designed for active 4D motion of the laundry towards the centre of the machine for optimum care and protection. All of this makes for cleaner, creaseless laundry and energy-efficient, long-lasting appliances. 


Consistency is key with all of our products, so we’ve considered efficiency and quality across both washing and drying appliances. SensoCare drying provides anti-allergen and smell-free results for your laundry load, with an ergonomic design which maintains the shape, flexibility and stiffness of your selected fabrics. A combination of temperature, steam, drying time and drum rotation affords you a tailored drying experience. 

The IonTech ioniser inside the machine removes all traces of allergens, smoke and pollen residue, and electrostatic charges accumulated during the process for a super-hygienic load. The SteamTech process is another admirable feature, the steam treatment penetrates fibres on every level. This makes fabrics smoother, removing creases to the extent that clothes often don’t need ironing. Furthermore, it’s important to note efficiency is never sacrificed for quality. Bi-directional airflow and optimised heat pumping makes for high energy efficiency across our SensoCare appliances, with high end, A+++, models saving 50% more energy than those in the A class. 

Take a look at our laundry range for more technical specifications.