Cooker features

Wok burner

A designated, triple crown gas burner heats the wok at an accelerated rate, which allows you to prepare your dishes within minutes. Vegetables will be crispy and cooked just right, and will retain more vitamins, minerals and other nutrients compared to food cooked in a conventional way.

Superior knob- and handle design

Ergonomic knob design not only ensures a firm grip and prevents your fingers from slipping, but also makes it easy for you to monitor the situation and stay on top of things at all times. More advanced models come with embedded controls. When the cooker is switched off, the controls simply retract into the control panel for additional safety and ease of cleaning, not to mention superior aesthetic appeal of the sheer, smooth surface. Metal handles on the oven doors feature a superior, ergonomic design for an extra firm grip.

Electricity or gas? Customized cookers tailored to your needs

Gorenje’s wide range of cookers has been designed to deliver superior culinary performance. Whether electric or gas or a combination of both, the new cookers are available in 50 cm or 60 cm size. Ease of operation is ensured by a perceptive design, slender and ergonomic form of the control knobs and an easy to use electronic programming timer. More sophisticated models feature finger touch controls (oven and hob), which makes cooking and baking even easier.

Gas or a combination of gas and electricity on ceramic glass hobs

The range of Gorenje hobs also includes a selection of glass hobs fitted with gas burners. In addition to giving you a professional chef’s control, this combination has the extra advantage of easy cleaning and an appealing design.

Cooking with gas

Gorenje gas cookers are characterized by their superior utilisation of an open flame, which translates into a superior heat output and improved cooking performance. The food coagulates faster, which locks in the majority of nutrients and preserves the natural flavour. The burners are made of three components, which can be easily taken apart and just as easily cleaned.

Two and three or oval ring burners

Two or three ring burners make it possible for your hob to adapt precisely to the different post and pans. Oval heating zone is ideal for cooking large cuts of meat or fish. By simply switching on the extra rings, you can increase the cooking zone as required, generating valuable energy savings.

Touch control electronic programming timer

New on the market! Gorenje ovens feature innovative, sensor controlled electronic timers. Touch control enables you to set the cooking time and select the right temperature, which can be monitored on the control panel display during the entire cooking time. An alarm sounds at the end of cooking time. The surface of the innovative electronic timer is perfectly smooth, which makes it extremely easy to clean. The new electronic programming timers – Gorenje’s latest innovation for a user friendly operation!

MultiLevel baking

Many dishes in one go
Combination of MultiAir technology and HomeMade shape helps reach the toughest objective: preparing up to 4 trays of dishes at once. The good news: the flavour and smells don’t mix. Smart air distribution ensures that the food is evenly baked on every level.

WarmPlate, for professional service

Warmed plates prevent the loss of flavour and ensure that food tastes every bit as good as it should: from soups to pastas and steamed vegetables. WarmPlate will keep your crockery at precisely the right temperature – anywhere between 30 and 80°C. Enjoy professional service in the privacy of your home – as you would in the best restaurant in town!

StayWarm, keeping dishes warm at exactly the right temperature

Setting the temperature between 30 and 95°C allows you keep the food at the desired temperature for up to two hours. Dishes prepared in advance will retain their taste and stay warm before serving. With this brand new feature planning and serving multi-course meals becomes easy, and there is no problem if your guests arrive late! The new Gorenje oven – a perfect way to ensure and maintain your reputation of a perfect hostess!


Excellent overview of the baking process
Advanced and even double lighting featured in some models of cookers enable clear view of the large oven cavity. Combined with special design of the glass door, this brings excellent overview of the baking process.

Fully extendable pull-out three level oven

Because baking / roasting is safer and more efficient. Complete retraction of telewscopic guides provides easy access to baked products at each of the 3 levels. Filling of oven is simplified, and handling of baked food is safer. Your oven fitted with telescopicguides gains capacity, because they provide the option of baking / roasting food at more than one level at the same time.

Extra deep baking tray

Deep enough for all appetites
Higher sides of this extra deep baking tray prevent the fat from splattering and burning onto the oven cavity walls. It is perfect for making meals such as lasagne and roasted meat.

Temperature probe

Selected models of Gorenje ovens are fitted with a temperature probe – a special sensor allowing you to control how done your food is. Insert the probe into any larger chunk of food to be baked, roasted, or grilled, and set the desired temperature. The display on the oven control panel will indicate when the food is done exactly as you want it. Hence, your roast will be deliciously juicy, and the dough will be perfectly leavened and baked.

Low temperature of the oven door

Gorenje ovens are fitted with safe and energy efficient CoolDoors (CD). More sophisticated models feature triple-glazed, heat reflective UltraCoolDoors (UCD). Superior door insulation in conjunction with special reflective glass layers improves oven performance together with significantly lower energy consumption. A low exterior door temperature keeps you safe from burns when touching the oven door.

Smooth oven door

Easy to remove, simple to clean
Simply removable oven door is free of any notches or edges that could harbour dirt, making cleaning quick and easy. Innovative design allows quick and practical removal and cleaning also the space between the glass layers.

Induction hobs

When it comes to precision cooking, conventional hobs have just run into a serious contender. The key advantages of induction hobs lie in their speed (twice as fast as using conventional gas cookers), economy of use, and safety. The Powerboost feature further enhances the performance of the induction cooker, delivering additional time savings. You can easily activate the Powerboost option by simply touching the letter P on the control panel. With this technology it is induction that heats the pan, not the hob. As a result, it is only the bottom of the pot that gets hot, meaning that the rest of the hob surface, which is not in touch with the pot, is cool and safe to touch. Once the pot has been removed from the burner or the burner has been switched off, the temperature of the hob surface drops rapidly. Due to this instant responsiveness of the induction zone there is no danger of the pot contents boiling over, which also spares you the inconvenient and unpleasant chore of extra cleaning. By a simple touch of your fingertips you can easily adjust the temperature when preparing various sauces, melting chocolate or performing other temperature-sensitive cooking operations. Any pot with a ferromagnetic bottom (this can be easily checked with an ordinary magnet) can be used for cooking on an induction hob.


Perfect results at your fingertips
Simple control of baking and cooking process by touching a screen. Large and intelligible symbols take the remarkable technology to another level with clarity and simplicity of use.

HomeMADE oven

A unique innovation modelled on traditional wood-fired bread ovens!
With great insight, a vaulted oven design for superior baking results typically associated with traditional wood-fired bread ovens! An innovative design solution for the next generation of Gorenje built-in ovens involves a precise positioning of the heating elements for perfect baking. Smooth, rounded edges on the rear panel and vaulted interior ensure a more efficient circulation as well as an even distribution of hot air inside the oven. The result? Evenly baked, succulent yet crispy dishes; soft bread with a perfect crust; many of your favourite foods cooked just right – the way that until now you could only dream of. Gorenje's original and insightful approach to oven design is homage to traditional experience and the result of a fruitful cooperation with renowned research institutions. A unique novelty with a tint of ancient wisdom!


More space for greater cooking freedom
The increased capacity of the oven (up to 70 litres) allows preparing bigger quantities of food at the same time. The optimised airflow circulates inside the oven completely freely and with their BigSpace cavity Gorenje cookers can easily accommodate even a huge turkey.

FastPreheat, 200° C in 6 minutes

According to market research, a rapid-preheat function is one of the more desirable oven features. By virtue of the oven’s special vaulted design and concurrent operation of heating elements it takes only 6 minutes for the oven temperature to reach 200° C. A minimum 30 % time saving means that you can serve your pizzas, cakes and other dishes that require a preheated oven faster than ever before. A built-in light and sound alarm will alert you when the oven has reached the desired temperature.

PerfectGrill for a perfect crust

The large upper and the smaller lower infrared heating elements are safely hidden in the depths of the recessed, vaulted oven ceiling while the difference in their relative heights ensures that food is cooked evenly and perfectly, every time. In selected models the upper heating element can be tilted down, which makes the oven easier to clean.

Cool oven panels with DynamiCooling

A highly efficient cooling system designed to keep the temperature of oven panels down during the cooking process (DC) as well as afterwards (DC+) ensures significantly cooler outer surfaces of oven panels. A fan mixes cooler ambient air with the hot air in the oven, forcing the cooled mixture to circulate right under the exterior panels of the appliance. Once the oven has been switched off, a heat sensor keeps the fan going until the oven temperature has dropped below 60°C (DC+). By keeping the temperature of the oven panels and door down, DynamiCooling significantly improves the safety of oven cooking.

EasyClean liners

Easily removable EasyClean liners on both side panels are designed to help you keep your oven clean. The liners feature super-smooth EcoClean enamel coating, which means that warm water is all you need. Or you can simply remove them and let the dishwasher do the job for you.

New trend: compact ovens

Gorenje’s range of built-in ovens has been expanded to include a smaller, compact multi function oven and a combination microwave oven (capacity 37 l and 32 l, respectively; height 45.5 cm) built in the same style as their conventional counterparts. The two models have been designed as an upgrade of the conventional built-in ovens for those customers who are used to preparing most of their food in the oven, as well as for smaller properties. Both ovens feature an electronic programming device, and with the compact version there are seven different ways to choose when cooking your food, which is ensured by a simultaneous use of top heat and grill. The combination microwave oven has been designed with the contemporary lifestyle in mind. It features a lower heating element, grill, and a circular heating element with fan, as well as the microwave function.

Professional grill pan set

This very useful piece of kit made of superior, silicon coated aluminium alloy which heats up exceptionally fast and is ideally suited for oven-cooking of culinary delights. The heat seals in the moisture, aroma and flavour, ensuring that your filets, steaks or salmon cutlets are cooked to perfection every time. And best of all, you don’t need to add any fat what so ever! Professional grill pan sets can also be purchased separately and can be used in all recent models of Gorenje cookers and ovens (50 cm cookers manufactured after 2000; 60 cm cookers manufactured after 2002; and built-in ovens manufactured after 2003).

Glass baking pan

Baking pan made of quality glass is large enough for enjoying in everyday cooking delights; however, it is especially distinguished on special occasions. Transparent glass will enables a permanent overview of cooking process in the baking pan. Moreover, you can take care in time for crunchy soufflés, juicy pies, strudels and golden-yellow roasted potatoes. Baking pan dimensions (H/W/D): 24/406/360 mm.

Pizza set

Fill your home with the delicious aroma of freshly made pizza in a traditional pizza oven using our special pizza tray. The tray is made of stone and doesn’t need to be oiled, which ensures that your home-made pizzas are not only less greasy but also extremely crispy. The threepiece pizza set also includes a wooden baker’s peel for placing your pizzas onto the hot stone base, and a handy pizza cutter.