WD2A854ADS Washing-drying machine

Washing-drying machine WD2A854ADS

Washing-drying machine Washing capacity: 8 kg Spin speed: 1,400 rpm


Icon - SteamTech


Fewer creases, less ironing
Additional steam treatment at the end of the selected programme will make sure your clothes are much smoother. The drum is filled with steam that penetrates every fibre for softer laundry that hardly requires any ironing.
Icon - Power JetWash

Power JetWash

Efficient stain removal
With Power JetWash system, stains are a thing of the past. System ensures additional soaking of the laundry and faster detergent dissolving, resulting in great washing performance and spotless laundry in a shorter period of time.
Icon - Inverter PowerDrive motor

Inverter PowerDrive motor

Powerful, yet silent motor
This quiet, but very efficient motor is designed to ensure a long life of your washing machine, saving energy with each cycle.

QuickWash 15'

Quick and fresh
Less soiled laundry can be easily refreshed in 15 minutes at a temperature of 30 °C. Thus, your next outfit will always be ready.


Always pleasantly smelling laundry
Washing with washing powder at lower temperatures may lead to ideal conditions for development of bacteria which in turn could cause a foul smell of your laundry. The SterilTub program will eliminate any bacteria in the machine interior and ensure your laundry will always smell fresh.


Don't worry about forgotten laundry
With the StopAddGo feature you can simply pause the washing cycle during its initial stages to add or remove laundry.

RainDrop Drum

Sensitive treatment of any garment
The unique wave-shaped drum pattern softens the fibres for the most gentle treatment of all kinds of fabrics. You’ll have perfectly dry laundry with minimum wrinkles.

Technical details

Energy class: A

Spinning performance class: B

Washing capacity: 8 kg

Drying capacity: 1-5 kg

Inverter PowerDrive motor

Spin speed: 1,400 rpm

Washing capacity: 8 kg

Drying capacity: 1-5 kg

Loading position: Front

Drum type: RainDrop drum

Drum volume: 54 l

Door opening angle: 138 °

Type of display: LED display

Temperature setting

Cold wash: Knob


Audio signal SoftSound

15 programmes

Programmes: Cotton, Synthetics, Wool, Self cleaning program

Special programmes: AllergyCare / QuickWash 15`

Programmes: Auto dry, SteamRefresh, Cotton standard, Synthetic/mix storage, AllergyCare


Temperature setting

Time setting

Steam function


Laundry adding


Audio signal SoftSound

Electric heater

Aqua JetWash

Overflow protection

Lockable control panel

Total annual water consumption: 11,800 l

Water consumption per cycle: 59 l

Water consumption (washing+drying): 86 l

Energy consumption (washing+drying): 3.15 kWh

Estimated yearly energy consumption: 162 kWh

Noise level washing: 56 dB(A)re 1 pW

Noise level drying: 63 dB(A)re 1 pW

Noise level spinning: 74 dB(A)re 1 pW

Electricity consumption kWh/cycle: 0.81 kWh

Dimensions (W×H×D): 60 × 85 × 54 cm

Dimensions of packed product (W×H×D): 64.5 × 88 × 56 cm

Net weight: 60 kg

Gross weight: 62 kg

Connected load: 1,750 W

Nominal current of fuse: 10 amp

Product code: 20009495

EAN code: 3838782607783


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